Carnival provides alternative to trick-or-treating

October 28, 2014

From Staff Reports

Families and little ones who want to avoid outdoor trick-or-treating will have an option to still enjoy the Halloween fun.

The town will host the Kiddie Carnival beginning at 4 p.m. Friday at James Woody Community Center Auditorium. The event will feature games, face-painting and food until 6 p.m.

Admission is free, but most games and activities require the purchase of tickets for 25 cents each or unlimited use wristbands for $10 at the door.

Apple Valley man planning to open craft microbrewery

October 28, 2014
Local resident Josh Waters, 33, is working to open Desert Barn Brewery, a microbrew facility on Hesperia Road that focuses on craft beer brews. Waters has been a home-brewer by trade for the last five years. (Photo by Sarah Alvarado, Hesperia Star)

Desert Barn Brewery poised for winter opening

By Martial Haprov

A heart for hops drove a budding entrepreneur to start brewing his own brand in his barn about five years ago, a hobby that soon turned into a trade.

Now, it’s that same passion — and the encouragement from a financially minded friend — that’s driving Josh Waters’ brewing from his barn to bigger surroundings.

St. Mary's officials honored with prestigious awards

October 28, 2014

Directors Kevin Mahany, Lezli Roberts lauded

From Staff Reports

Two directors from St. Joseph Health, St. Mary were recently recognized for their service and professionalism.

Director of Healthy Communities Kevin Mahany is the recipient of the 2014 Blessed Teresa of Calcutta Award from the Diocese of San Bernardino.

Mahany was chosen for the award for his outstanding service in healthcare and fulfilling the mission of the Diocese “so that people’s lives are filled with hope,” according to a news release.

Which way will we go?

October 28, 2014
Pat Orr

By Pat Orr
For The Apple Valley Review

The election a week from today will set the course for our town for years to come. The current council has been a part of a valleywide cooperative effort to jointly market and attract new business.

The “love fest” with the leaders in Hesperia and Victorville is a far cry from the old days when we tried to outmaneuver each other and subtly promote ourselves while dismissing our neighbors as sub-par.


Chili bowls heat up

October 21, 2014

'Dude with Fry Food' servers dish out some of their craft chili on Saturday morning at the 13th annual Happy Trails Chili Cook-off in Apple Valley. Thousands attended the event at Lenny Brewster Sports Center, where several food vendors and other organizations displayed their products. (Staff Photo by Bryan Kawasaki)

Tracing the mystery of a classic Halloween symbol

October 21, 2014

Jack ‘O Lantern legend may have started in 17th century Europe

By L.J. Gambone
Apple Valley Review

While it seems no one really knows for sure how the tradition of the Jack ‘O Lantern began, it is believed by historians that it dates back to 17th century Europe. The term, which means “man with a lantern,” also is a nickname for the ignis fatuus (fool’s fire), a mysterious phenomenon of flickering blue lights seen occasionally over the wetlands that are associated with ghosts and fairies.

Town program focuses on 'Special Apples'

October 21, 2014
A group of local residents attend a dance hosted by the Town's Special Apples program. The program, which provides sporting and creative activities to kids and adults with autism, Down syndrome, brain trauma, and other disabilities. (Photo courtesy of Lena Quinonez)

Events geared toward accommodating developmentally disabled

By L.J. Gambone
Apple Valley Review

For those who are developmentally disabled, finding enriching and safe group activities can be quite a challenge, according to Lena Quinonez, recreation supervisor for the Town of Apple Valley’s Parks and Recreation Department.

With their needs in mind, the department founded its Special Apples program, which provides sporting and creative activities to kids and adults with autism, Down syndrome, brain trauma and other disabilities.


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