Ministering to the King of the Cowboys

By Bill Hansen

It was a short time after I had become Roy Roger’s pastor that he was admitted to the Little Company of Mary Hospital in Torrance. He was to undergo his first heart bypass surgery. The surgery was scheduled at an early hour on that Friday morning.


Remembering Roy: Another round of orange juice

I was a cocktail waitress at a bowling alley in Pomona. There was a Citrus Belt Bowling tournament at the bowling center. Roy came in with his “side kicks.” What a funny bunch of guys they were. They would tell me jokes and had me laughing all night.


Remembering Roy: Delivering Roy’s paper

I was in the eighth grade and new to the area around 1983. Out of just pure luck I landed one of the best Daily Press paper routes in the High Desert. The boy I replaced told me I had Roy Rogers and Dale Evans were on my route. During my training phase, that lasted about two days, he told me as much history as he could about Roy and his living legacy.
Because I was young and really just interested in making money I ignored much of what he said. That was until I met Roy Rogers for the first time.


Around Town: Another plug for the plug

Let’s all go out, link hands, sing a chorus or two of “Happy Trails to You” and help give that old plug Trigger a home this Saturday. Son Dusty and his band The High Riders will be a singing and a whooping it up at Civic Center Park on Saturday for Roy Rogers’ 100th birthday celebration. We need to keep alive that link to Apple Valley’s past with Roy and Dale. That family-oriented western work ethic is what the town built its image upon.

Arrest logs for Nov. 1, 2011

All names listed are residents of Apple Valley, and all suspected crimes were committed in San Bernardino County unless otherwise stated, as reported by the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department.

Oct. 26
Ladrina R. Barnes was arrested on suspicion of petty theft.

Ezequiel Martinez was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence.

Tanya Owens was arrested on suspicion of burglary.

Anthony Ortega was arrested on suspicion of burglary.

Oct. 25
Fermin Torres Ramirez was arrested on suspicion of annoying children.

More than 700 gang members identified in A.V.

By Doug Saunders

APPLE VALLEY • They’re a presence in neighborhoods all over town — not just low-income areas.

Criminal street gangs — Crips, Bloods, Hoovers and Peckerwoods — have a foothold in Apple Valley, but the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Apple Valley station has a specialized gang unit that’s fighting back.

Q & A with Regina Weatherspoon-Bell: Love wins in the end

Regina Weatherspoon-Bell was born and raised in Los Angeles. She wanted to be a dancer from the age of 7 to 19 and was formally trained in ballet, jazz and modern dance. She was a featured soloist and choreographer at Hollywood High School. But after an injury, she said realized she wouldn’t be the next Debbie Allen.


Council ponders homeless shelter plan

Planning commission recommends denying code amendment

By Rene De La Cruz

APPLE VALLEY • The Town Council tonight is set to consider a move that would essentially stop an emergency shelter from being established in the Village District.

On Sept. 13, the council initiated a Development Code Amendment to modify regulations that would allow emergency shelters within the Village commercial zone.

During an Oct. 5 planning commission meeting, the consensus of the commission was to deny the amendment change.

Burlington, shoppers raise $11k for cancer research

Roughly half of men and a third of women will develop or die from cancer

By Doug Saunders

APPLE VALLEY • Even in these tough times, Apple Valley residents and Burlington Coat Factory have dug deep into their pockets for a worthy cause: Cancer research.

A.V. woman on 'Let's Make a Deal' Friday

By Rene De La Cruz

Amber Contratto stood on the “Let’s Make a Deal!” television stage, trying to decide between $693 in cash or the prize behind curtain No. 1.

“I was shaking because I was so nervous and the audience was screaming,” Contratto, 24, said. “It was crazy, but I had to make a decision.”

Dressed in a hot pink skirt and a lime green shirt that read “Trouble Maker,” Contratto chose the curtain.


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