Reflections on the joy of pets

December 20, 2011

Story and photo by Lori Gillispie

One of the biggest blessings in my life are my precious pets.

I can truly say I love them as much as my human family. The pets I've lost in the past and some recent, have forever touched my life and I am so thankful to have been their "Mom".

Arrest logs for Dec. 20, 2011

December 20, 2011

All names listed are residents of Apple Valley, and all suspected crimes were committed in San Bernardino County unless otherwise stated, as reported by the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department.
Dec. 14
Felice Vargas was arrested on suspicion of driving offenses.

Umar Love was arrested on suspicion of lewd or lascivious acts.

Joshua Fuchs was arrested on unknown charges.
Dec. 13
Ami Davis was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence.

Michael Floyd was arrested on suspicion of burglary.

Kids with big dreams pursue passion

December 13, 2011

Town’s ‘Most Talented Kid’ contest gives local youth chance to shine on stage

By Rene De La Cruz
Wearing an elegant purple dress, Autumn Oraiqat squeezed into the telephone booth-sized closet, picked up her guitar and began practicing a soft folk melody by Priscilla Ahn called “Dream.”

“My mom used to sing me to sleep, and that’s where I got my passion for singing,” said Oraiqat, 15, as her delicate fingers moved across the strings.

Q & A with Dr. Vincent Ajanwachuku: Called to serve

December 13, 2011

Dr. Vincent E. Ajanwachuku was born in Nigeria, West Africa. After serving in combat in the Biafra War (Nigerian Civil War, 1967-70), he came to the United States to pursue his education.

“Leaving my family to come stateside was a particular challenge because we are very close,” Ajanwachuku said. “My father was reluctant to let me leave, as two of my brothers were already here in college and he missed them very much.”


Season brings rise in retail theft

December 13, 2011

‘Return item fraud’ could cost retailers $14 billion this year

By Rene De La Cruz

With thousand of shoplifters shoving cold meat down their pants and into jackets, luxury meat is now the most shoplifted item this holiday season, according to the National Association of Shoplifting Prevention.

Holiday shoplifting will cost retailers $3.48 billion, with premium alcohol, power tools, digital gadgets and Gillette Mach 4 Razor blades rounding out the top five most shoplifted items from Black Friday to New Year’s Day.

Sheriff: Shoppers, beware of the Grinch

December 13, 2011


The holiday season is a time when busy people can become careless and vulnerable to theft and other holiday crime.

“Shopping during the holiday season can present unique danger,” stated San Bernardino County Sheriff Rod Hoops. “Taking a few preventative measures can help keep your holiday season joyous.”

The following tips from the Sheriff’s Department can help you be more careful, prepared and aware during the holiday season.

Mobile home owners get hit with ‘new’ tax bill

December 13, 2011

AVFPD hasn’t collected ‘Fire Suppression Special Tax’ for 13 years

By Rene De La Cruz

Jim Stein was shocked when he received a tax bill for $60.71 from the Apple Valley Fire Protection District last week.

“I called them today and I told them that this was double taxation,” said Stein, 80, who reluctantly paid the tax. “I wrote on the bill that I was paying under protest.”

Jarvis association opposes new 'fire tax'

December 13, 2011


SACRAMENTO • The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association has filed an objection to emergency regulations to implement a new fire tax approved by the Legislature in June.

The objection centers on two key points: The fire levy is a tax and not a fee; and as a tax, it failed to receive a two-thirds vote in the Legislature under provisions of Proposition 13. The letter asserts that because it undermines the constitutionality of the statute, any proposed regulation to implement it should also be denied.


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